Westwood Lake Campground Resort

About Us


Westwood Lake is more than a tranquil retreat; it’s a living testament to Nanaimo’s rich history. Originally settled and farmed by William J. Westwood in the 1860s, the area’s origins trace back to a time when the lake was a shallow marsh that fed Darough Creek. The landscape underwent a transformative shift in 1908 when a dam was created at the head of Darough Creek to create a reservoir for a hydroelectric plant. Although the plant was eventually abandoned, the dam endured, and in 1957, Westwood Lake was transformed into a city park. This submerged history, concealed beneath the surface of a pristine lake and combined with sandy beaches and lifeguarded swimming areas, paints a 150-year transformative narrative of Westwood Lake—from a marshland to a cherished Nanaimo park.

Deep Roots in Nanaimo's Past

Westwood Lake offers more than just sandy beaches. Its 5.5km main trail, well-maintained with wooden bridges and boardwalks, circles the lake providing walkers and runners with stunning views. Beyond the lake ,the park serves as a gateway to Westwood Ridge, inviting hikers and mountain bikers to explore various trails within the Westwood watershed. The trail also links seamlessly with Morrell Nature Sanctuary, a 111-hectare preserve bordering the east side of Westwood Lake Park. Mount Benson’s north face stands as a challenge for hikers seeking a climb to the top for some breath-taking views of Nanaimo. This harmonious blend of history, trails, and peaks makes Westwood Lake a vibrant outdoor experience tied to Nanaimo’s history. 

Trails, Peaks and Adventure

Westwood Lake Campground Resort has served as a home away from home since the Johnson Family took over as caretakers in 2003. Ian and Ronda, who came home in the early ’90s after a four-year journey around Australia, returned to Canada and settled on Gabriola Island for 12 years before embarking on the adventure of operating the campground in 2003. Alongside their two daughters, Sarah and Jessica, Ian and Ronda’s warm welcome and commitment to creating a peaceful, friendly, and fun atmosphere have transformed the campground into a haven for travellers.

Our Owners: A Family's Welcoming Legacy

Whether you seek a cozy cabin, cottage a serene spot for RV or tent camping, or the comforts of a tiny home, the Johnson family extends a warm invitation to experience the beauty and hospitality that define Westwood Lake Campground Resort.