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Boat Rentals

Discover the joy of exploring Westwood Lake with our range of boat rentals, offering something for every adventurer. Glide across the serene waters on a single or double kayak, or opt for the flexibility of a paddleboard. For a more classic boating experience, embark in our canoe or rowboat, perfect for couples or small groups (our rowboat can accommodate up to 4 passengers). Each rental includes paddles and life jackets for up to 2 people, additional life jackets are available for a small fee. 

Additionally, enjoy the convenience of a boat ramp located a short walk away, making launching and returning your boat a breeze. With well-maintained boats and the stunning backdrop of Westwood Lake, your aquatic adventure awaits. Choose from 1 or 2-hour rentals and let the exploration begin!

Boat Rental Policies

By booking a boat rental with us you must agree to our Campground Policies and Boat Rental Policies as listed below.

Booking A Boat Rental

  • You must be 18 to book. All paddlers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Waivers must be read and understood prior to signing. Please find a copy of our waiver here
  • Waivers must be completed and signed prior to taking a boat rental. A parent or guardian will be required to complete the waiver for paddlers under the age of 18.  
  • All paddlers must participate in a safety talk prior to taking their boat to the lake. 
  • You must leave your driver’s licence and credit card at the office for the duration of your rental. 
  • Please look over the rental equipment before you take it out to the lake.
  • You are responsible for all equipment and boats included in the rental. Your credit card will be charged for missing and/or damaged equipment (prices are posted in the rental office).
  • We do not allow the sharing of boat rentals. 

Taking Your Boat to the Lake

  • Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled boat rental time.
  • Paddlers must be able to take their rented boat to the lake using the provided boat wheels.
  • Be mindful of traffic while wheeling the boat(s) to the lake.
  • Stay on the side of the road.
  • Leave the provided boat wheels on the rock wall to the side of the boat launch while the boat is in the water. 

During Your Boat Rental

  • All paddlers must wear a life jacker at all times during a boat rental.
  • All paddlers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult for the hole duration of the rental.
  • Boat must be returned to the designated spot in the campground by the designated time (please respect renters who are waiting for their time).
  • Watch out for some of the potential hazards of the lake:
    • Weather conditions (wind, rain, lightning, etc.)
    • Westwood lake is man-made so there are some sharp stumps above and below the water’s surface.
    • Lake weed can snag and catch a boater’s leg, arm, paddle, etc. 
Payment and Cancellation Policy
  • Payment for the amount of the boat rental is required at the time of booking by credit card. Credit card information will be required. 
  • Boat rentals are non-refundable within 10 days of the rental. This is applicable to cancellations made within these 10 days or no-shows.
If you have any questions about our boat rental policies please contact us

Book Now Using Our Booking Tool Below!

Booking your boat rental is easy with our convenient booking tool. If you have any questions about our rentals, don’t hesitate to contact us before you book!

  1. Select the type of boat you wish to rent. We offer a selection of paddleboards, single and double kayaks, a canoe and a rowboat. 
  2. Select the boat you wish to rent. We have multiple kayaks and paddleboards. Simply select a boat to rent and the times it’s available to be rented will be shown. 
  3. Add extra life jackets. Each rental comes with paddles and life jackets for up to 2 people. Remember to add more if you’re renting our rowboat which can accommodate up to an extra 2 people.
  4. Pick a rental duration. All of our boats are available for rent in 1 or 2 hour time slots. Is your desired time slot not available? Simply go back and select a different boat which may have different availabilities.
  5. Pick a date and time. Pick a time to rent your boat from the shown available time slots. 
  6. Complete your order! Complete your order by providing your information and payment details.

Questions about your booking? Please contact us.

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