Westwood Lake Campground Resort

Campground Policies


⇒ Prepayment of a booking fee is required at the time of booking. This booking fee is non refundable and will be retained by Westwood Lake Campground Resort in the event of cancellation or applied to the
balance at the time of check-in.

⇒ Changes to your booking must be made 7 days before your arrival to avoid penalties.

⇒Occupancy Rules

  • Prices are based on two adults per night. Additional guests are an extra charge as follows:
    • RV and tent camping sites: $5/extra guest/night
    • Cottage and Tiny Home: $10/extra guest/night
  •  Maximum occupancy
⇒ 8% Hotel Tax, 3% MRDT (Municipal and Regional District Tax) and 5% GST will be added for the cabin, cottage and tiny home rentals. GST will be added to RV/Tenting sites.

Cancellations and Payments

⇒ If a cancellation is made more than 7 days before your arrival, then the stay will be refunded minus the non-refundable deposit. If you cancel within 7 days before your arrival, then you will be charged 100% for the entire stay that was reserved. 

⇒  Deposits after your stay are non-refundable until you have stayed for your booked amount of time, your last metered electrical fees are paid, and when all your belongings are removed from the site/cabin.

⇒ One month’s notice is required if you are staying in a long term site. There will be no refunds on monthly RV Reservations. 

⇒ Guests will be charged the full amount of their whole reservation in the case of any no-shows or early departures. 

⇒ The deadline to pay any money owing is the day after your original checkout day before 11 am. Late payments will result in a five dollar per day charge for up to five days at which point you will be required to vacate the site/cabin, any cost incurred by management will be the responsibility of the registered guest.


Site Policies

Site Amenities:

Picnic Tables:

    • Each site is provided a picnic table, please respect and treat these tables as your own.
    • Please do not move tables from other sites.
    • Do not barbecue on top of tables as they will burn.

Airtight, Water & Sewer Connections: Airtight and water connections required for all RVs. A Sani-Station is available – please contact the office for any assistance.

Recycling & Garbage: Please help us recycle by placing your waste in the correct bins, located near the entrance of the park (fenced area), beside the sani-station.

⇒ Laundry:

    • Key entry only.
    • Please observe posted hours.
    • All machines require loonies.
    • Laundry soap may be purchased at the store
    • Do no overload our machines with laundry detergent – this neither cleans your clothes or allows our machines to operate properly. 
    • We do not allow pet blankets or heavily soiled clothing to be washed in our machines. There are many laundromats located in Nanaimo where you can take these items.
    • Clothing lines are not allowed anywhere on the property.
    • Do not leave your children unattended in the laundry.
    • No smoking.


    • Key entry only.
    • Open 24hr (except when being cleaned).
    • Our showers are coin-operated and our rates are posted at the showers. They only take loonies so please make sure you have change during your stay.  
    • Do not leave children unattended in washrooms.
    • Pets are not allowed in washrooms.
    • No smoking.


Check-in/Check-out and Maintenance:

Check In / Out:

    • Camping/RV – 12:00 pm (noon)/11:00 am
    • Cabins/Cottage/Tiny Home – 2:00 pm/11:00 am.
    • Late check-outs are charged at $5.00/hour.

⇒ Sites/Cabins must be kept clear and organized at all times. No tarps and no outdoor storage of materials.

⇒ Management has the right to access to all sites at any time for any reason.

⇒ RVs must be kept clean and tidy at all times, guests must ask for management pre-approval before washing or making repairs to an RV.

⇒ Absolutely no renovations are to be performed on the property.


Vehicle Policies:

⇒ All vehicles including RV’s, cars, pickup trucks and motorbikes must be insured at all times. We do not allow uninsured vehicles on our property.

⇒ Only one vehicle per site unless approved by management.

⇒ Unused vehicles (insured or not) are not allowed to be stored on the property.

⇒ Extra trailers and campers are not allowed on a site.

⇒ Tarps covering an RV are not allowed unless done temporarily with prior  permission from the campground’s management. In such case, any tarp used must be white in colour.

⇒ No tarps are allowed for covering belongings on your site.

⇒ No washing of any vehicles on our property. Other than RVs (with prior management consent).


Property and Site Policies:

⇒ Sewer connections at each site must only use approved fittings. 

⇒ During cold months when freezing is possible, all guests must use heat tape on their water hose to prevent our pipes which come out of the ground from freezing. We do not offer frost-free connections.

⇒ No renovating or maintenance, allowed on our property.

⇒ The construction of decks, fences, skirting, or any buildings are not allowed on our property.

⇒ For the enjoyment of all our guests, noise must be kept to a minimum at all times – if your neighbour can hear your noise you are too loud.

    • Absolute quiet time is daily at 10:00pm.
    • Excessive drinking will not be tolerated within the campground.

⇒ Responsibility & Respect: For everyone’s mutual enjoyment, please respect your neighbours, the environment, and the park property. We work hard to maintain a pleasant environment for all our guests to enjoy; thank you for helping us keep it beautiful.


Mail Policy:

⇒ The campground office does not receive mail on behalf of anyone in the campground.

⇒ We will not receive delivery from couriers. Please instruct delivery companies to delivery to your specific site number, cabin or other accommodation. 


⇒ Registered guests are the persons registered at the site/cabin during booking. Any additional guests must be pre-approved and fees must be paid in advance. No subletting is allowed.

 Registered guests who are having day visitors will be required to pay an additional fee.

⇒ Visitors: Registered guests are responsible for all their visitors. Visitors need to be registered by guests ahead of time and will be required to pay the daily fee posted at the office. All visitors must leave by 11:00 pm.

⇒ Overnight visitors (report to the office for registration.)

⇒ Visitors vehicles are not allowed on our property at any time. 

⇒ Overflow parking is allowed just outside the park, along the roadside.


⇒ Pets must be pre-approved by management prior to your stay.

⇒ Your pet must be leashed at all times.

⇒ Pets are not allowed in any building on campsite.

⇒ Pets are not allowed in any cabin, cottage, tiny home or onsite RV rentals.

⇒ You must clean up after your pet and dispose of the feces in the dumpster at the entrance of the property. Guests not following this rule will be fined $25.

⇒ Do not allow your pet to make excessive noise, constant barking will not be tolerated.

⇒ No vicious dogs are allowed in the campground.

⇒ Do not leave your pet unattended at any time while you are staying with us.


⇒ Gates close at 11:00 pm and open at 6:00 am.

⇒ Speed limit: 5km/h through the entire park. Speeds above 5km/h will not be tolerated.

⇒ Motorcycles, Motorbikes or Powered Vehicles: We know they are fun but they are very noisy so please refrain from using on park property. Diesel trucks leaving early, please park at the front.

⇒ Unlicensed vehicles are not allowed in the park.

⇒ Please have any guests visiting park outside the campground either on the side of the road or in the Westwood Lake Park parking lot.

Garbage and Food Waste

 Garbage and Recycling: 

    • We have two large bins at the front of the property: one for garbage and one for cardboard. 
    • Behind the two bins are garbage cans for sorting your recycle please clean all your recycle if it isn’t it becomes garbage. The containers are clearly marked please help recycle so we can keep it out of the landfill. 
    • No construction material such as carpet, stores, fridge, microwave, heaters, batteries, tires or furniture allowed to be put in the garbage bin or area.
    • Please help us recycle by placing your waste in the correct bins provided.
    • Do not leave any garbage on your site at night-time.
    • Garbage is not to be burnt in fire pits; we recycle the ashes. Do not leave garbage in pits upon departure.
    • Please don’t leave any food items in the garbage.

⇒ Cigarette butts are regarded as garbage. Please don’t throw them on the ground (ashtrays are available at the office, if required.)

Environment and Fires

Fire Pits

⇒ Not all sites have fire pits. We can supply a portable fire if requested.

⇒ Only clean dry wood can be burned in our fire pits, no garbage.

⇒ Do not leave your fire unattended at any time.

⇒ Fire wood can be purchased at the office


⇒ Smoking is allowed outside but not in any buildings on the campground.

⇒ To avoid possible fires, please extinguish all smoking materials in a proper container and not on the ground (ashtrays are available at the office if required.)

Boat Rentals

Booking A Boat Rental

⇒ You must be 18 to book. All paddlers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

⇒ Waivers must be read and understood prior to signing. Please find a copy of our waiver here

⇒ Waivers must be completed and signed prior to taking a boat rental. A parent or guardian will be required to complete the waiver for paddlers under the age of 18.  

⇒ All paddlers must participate in a safety talk prior to taking their boat to the lake. 

⇒ You must leave your driver’s licence and credit card at the office for the duration of your rental. 

⇒ Please look over the rental equipment before you take it out to the lake.

⇒ You are responsible for all equipment and boats included in the rental. Your credit card will be charged for missing and/or damaged equipment (prices are posted in the rental office).

⇒ We do not allow the sharing of boat rentals. 

⇒ Boats available: row boat, canoes, paddle boats, kayaks (single + double), paddle boards


Taking Your Boat to the Lake

⇒ Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled boat rental time.

⇒ Paddlers must be able to take their rented boat to the lake using the provided boat wheels.

⇒ Be mindful of traffic while wheeling the boat(s) to the lake.

⇒ Stay on the side of the road.

⇒ Leave the provided boat wheels on the rock wall to the side of the boat launch while the boat is in the water. 


During Your Boat Rental

⇒ All paddlers must wear a life jacker at all times during a boat rental.

⇒ All paddlers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult for the hole duration of the rental.

⇒ Boat must be returned to the designated spot in the campground by the designated time (please respect renters who are waiting for their time).

⇒ Watch out for some of the potential hazards of the lake:

                ⇒ Weather conditions (wind, rain, lightning, etc.)

                ⇒ Westwood lake is man-made so there are some sharp stumps above and below the water’s surface.

                ⇒ Lake weed can snag and catch a boater’s leg, arm, paddle, etc. 

Payment and Cancellation Policy

⇒  Payment for the amount of the boat rental is required at the time of booking by credit card. Credit card information will be required. 

⇒  Boat rentals are non-refundable within 10 days of the rental. This is applicable to cancellations made within these 10 days or no-shows.

Consequences of not following any of these rules or any other situation that management considers unacceptable will be result in the termination of any agreement and you will be required to vacate the property immediately. We do not offer refunds.